Pao Pow

Pao | 9-27-01 | 10:34

I'm back. A lack of glasses has kept me away for the past few days. I've decided to put a time next to the date of each post. I'm going to use military *shudder* time not becaus I like or advocate militias in any way shape or form but because I don't think writing AM and PM next to it would be stylish. I've added a couple of updates to the jorunal and from now on, I won't be saying when the jounal is updated on the main page here. I'm considering making the journal th emain page tell me what you think.

Pao | 9-21-01

I just put up the Me section which contains a journal, a bio, and my email adress (which you can also get by clicking my name wherever it appears). I'll try to update the journal daily and the bio whenever necesary. Be warned! My life is pretty boring.

Pao | 9-19-01(cont.)

The views section is up and running and I switched The Crash to it. If you haven't read it yet, shame on you.

Pao | 9-19-01(cont.)

I've uploaded the prose section and put up 3 things for you (or for me). They are I will Soar,Mommy?, and The Crash they're all just little nibblets so check them out. Yeah, I'm telling you what to do. What're you gonna do about it? Huh? That's what I thought. Bitch.

Pao | 9-19-01

I took the lazy road and had the Javascript for the rollover effect on the menu done by a script generator at Website Abstraction. I'm gonna update the art page with it and do a couple more pages today. Go save somebody's life while you wait.

Pao | 9-18-01 (cont.)

I'm all done for the day. I put up the art page along with my newest work ThunderChain. See if you can guess what tv show it's from.

Pao | 9-18-01

This is the new look. None of the links to the right work right now so don't bother. I may or may not upload the old stuff again. I don't know right now. I'm trying to learn a bit of Javascript so I can put sone rollovers on the links there but that'll probably ba in a week or two. I'll be posting some of my new stuff later today. Check back later.